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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the cash loan industry and the processes behind obtaining a short term cash loan? You have landed on the right page; you may be able to find the answer to your questions on this page. Here is a list of frequently questions with regards to the process of obtaining loans and the industry in general. Nevertheless, if the answer to your question does not lie in this page, then you can get in touch with a support team of to know about it. Contact details of the company are shared in contact us page of official website It is important to remind that the company does not have any access to the information about specific loans or offers. Therefore, question about this should be asked directly from the lender. As far as the service of is concerned, then questions with respect to Company get answered within 48 hours.

What is short term loan (payday loan)?

This is a loan which is generally a small amount of cash, and it could be between $100 dollar to $1000 dollars. The amount is given to consumers to fix the event of financial emergencies. In this type of loan; credit history of a person is not taken into consideration. Moreover, a person who has applied for a loan gets the cash generally on the business day following their approval.

What are the qualifications?

Qualification to get Short Term Loan is simple, because it involves only a small amount of cash to deal with a financial emergency therefore, there is not much formality involve in it. Even if a loan seeker's application has been rejected by bank and other financial companies, still the applicant will get loan via this way. is best in finding perfect lender for loan seekers. All that people need to do is fill an online form. Other qualifications for STL are here.

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age, and he/she must legally work and live in the United States
  • Applicant must have a working telephone number and email address, and he/she should have a bank account in his/her name
  • Applicant must be employed for at least 90 consecutive days with the same employer and meet the minimum income guidelines of the lender.

Is there a maximum loan amount that can be availed?

The amount of money that people can borrow from lender depends on various factors like lender's willingness to pay, the state in which person/borrower live and financial situation of the person / borrower.

How will I get my money?

In most of the cases, the lender deposits the funds into the bank account of the person or borrower. This is done on next business day on which loan has been approved.

What if I have bad credit?

Bad credit history is not a challenge for borrowers to get money using the platform of However, lender in network of company may want to perform a credit check. This is the part of their qualification process, but it does not affect the loan borrower's credit score. Even if the loan seeker has negative or bad credit history, the lender will approve their loan. Rejection of the loan application can only happen if the loan seeker does not comply with basic guidelines and have a bankruptcy or outstanding loans with other lenders.

Time taken in approval of loan

On completion of entire loan process, the company does not take more than one business day time. On the next day of completing formalities loan gets approved. Step by step process is here; first, customer fill out the short online form on the website of Once the form is submitted, it is forwarded to a network of lenders associated with the company. In minutes, the customer gets connected with a lender from whom they can take loan amount according to their requirements. In the next step consumer is receives loan details from a lender to make a final decision about the offer. After finalizing everything, the lender asks the consumer his/her electronic signature. Once electronic signature is shared, the lender makes a deposit of funds into the bank account of the consumer. This is done on next business day in most cases.

Do I need to fax information?

Rarely, if you are taking STL from particular lenders for the first time. The lender asks for hard copy of details like bank statements or paycheck etc.

What costs are involved in obtaining a payday loan? does not charge anything for service offered. Costs associated with obtaining a short term cash loan are determined by the lender, and it varies according to the place of living, the amount of loan and other terms and conditions of the lender. It is important for consumer to thoroughly follow the details of the loan before approval to avoid any disparity. However, at lenders provide complete information about the loan they are providing. Moreover, the APRs of short term loans are higher than other forms of credit. Nevertheless, it is repaid quickly; therefore, it is more competitive.

Can I have more than one loan at once?

It depends on state regulations. If it allows, then you go for more than one SML. However, informing the lender about other loans is important before going for next.

How and when will my loan be repaid?

Repay terms are mentioned in the loan agreement; it varies from lender to lender. To make things simple, has given the option of direct withdrawal; by this lender simply withdraw the amount of the loan plus any applicable fees and interest from a consumer's bank account on the due date. You will not have to visit a retail location or mail a check or money order. If an extension of the loan period is required, the lender should be contacted in advance and asked for options.

What if payment is late?

It is best to get in touch with lenders as soon as possible and discuss things with them. For late payment, lenders usually charge a late fee that turn into big amount if payment is extended for longer time. To help consumers to deal with this situation, states typically regulate the maximum amounts that lenders can charge in the form of late fees. So be sure to compare these maximums with any late payment fees, you are quoted by your lender.

Is my information safe? uses top-rated security technology as well as physical protocols to protect information. Any information, consumer share with us is used to help them in obtaining products and services. More information about this can be collected from the privacy policy page of website.

What if I cannot repay my loan?

Lenders can use any method that is legally available to them to collect your debt if you fail to repay your loan. They may turn to collection agencies or go for in-house collection methods. However, lenders associated with our network never press criminal charges against consumer if they fail to repay. Moreover, in case consumer is not willing to repay the loan amount then they should talk to a lender for alternate methods and avoid damage.

Is there a waiting period between applications?

We have asked to wait for 72 hours after submitting one application form. This is the maximum time we take to process form, although we complete processing within a minute.

How many extensions can I have?

Extensions are associated with higher fee and interest and therefore, it should be avoided. However, most of the lenders in our network offer one extension on a loan that to if the consumer is able to repay it according to the original agreement. Moreover, number of extensions that a loan borrower can avail is determined by the state in which consumer lives in as well as on individual lender. It is important to note that loan and its terms related things can be answered only by the lender. Contact information of lender is shared at the time of loan approval.