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When it comes to payday loans online, they are the saviours when you are in trouble. Financial emergencies can happen to anybody. All thanks to payday loans online you can pay emergency bills. However, it is important to choose a lender who is right for you.

How to get a payday loan?

What is the process of getting a payday loan?

  • First and foremost, payday lenders try to take advantage of the weakness of a traditional banking system.
  • Therefore, you can apply for a loan via phone or internet.
  • You will need to submit your details via application form given on their website. It won't take more than 5 minutes for you to fill up the form.
  • You will need to submit employment and contact details as well. You will also have to submit the banking information as well. You will also have to give the contact details of family and friends so that in case if you fail to pay the money back, they can step in to support you.
  • The references might be asked to write a check in case if you fail to pay the money back.

Available payday loan options

Online cash loans

- an innovative financial service which provides quick acess to money when you need it most. The financial lenders providing instant cash loans do fast approval of the loan. You can get the loan any time within 45 minutes to 24 hours after the application process performed on our website.

No credit check loans

- the main advantage of such loans is that even people with no or poor credit score can easily apply for a loan. Applications are accepted 24/7 through our website. The application process is also simple which doesn't take much time of yours.

Guaranteed approval loans

- no lender can offer you a 100% guaranteed payday loan unless you meet all the requirements which differ from lender to lender. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria found on our website before you apply online.

Same day loans

- in some situations it is critical to get the cash as fast as possible because any delay can cause more expense. In such situations people look for same day payday loans which can be issued within minutes to hours of the same day.

Bad credit loans

- emergency loans for bad credit are ideal for taking care of your immediate cash needs be it an unexpected expense or a planned purchase. People with bad credit score can also apply for a loan online, however in some cases the interest rate may be higher do to more risk involved.

Payday loans alternative: Installment loans

Installment loans

- installment loan is a less expensive alternative to payday loans, however getting such a loan might be harder. Installment loans are also known as long-term personal loans and can be taken for a period from 1 to 12 months. Lending terms, periods and interest rates depend on selected lender and state.

Instant approval installment loans

- is an instant approval personal loan which is repayed in parts by a schedule (installments). Such installment loan can be used for any purpose but the eligibility criteria is higher that with payday loans.

Installment loans for bad credit

- people with bad credit score also have chances of getting an installment loan on relatively good terms. If you have a poor credit score then the lender might ask for additional documents and proof of income.

Are you eligible for a payday loan?

What makes you eligible for the loan? What are the things you need to submit to secure the loan?

  • First and foremost, you will need a photo identification card.
  • You will also need to have a checking account.
  • Proof of income is another must-have. You need to have a monthly income and only then they will consider your application. If you are working somewhere, you can submit the proof of that and that would be enough. You can submit your last pay slip if you have it.
  • Proof of residence also will be required to submit to get the loan. A utility phone will be enough for this purpose. If you have other relevant documents you can submit them too.
  • Cross check whether you have all the documents before you go there. You can call them again for this.

Payday loans are available 24x7 on our website and that is the biggest advantage when it comes to them. Before signing any documents make sure that the terms are clear and no hidden fees are present. Please make sure that you can afford to pay out the loan on time to avoid any penalties. Payday loans are regulated by state laws which are different in each US state, please make sure you are aware of loan regulations in your state of residense.