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By: Frank Partnoy | Updated: 2024-03-03 12:34:09

Looking for Payday Loans Nearby?

Find a cash advance direct lender near you 24/7

When you run out of money before the end of the month and borrowing from friends and family is not an option, you should consider payday loans near you.

24CashToday is a free loan-matching service which makes finding a nearby payday loan and cash advance lender easy and fast. Use the loan to cope with any unexpected expenses and repay it back in a week or two.

In-store payday loans near you or online payday loans?

In-store nearby

Taking a payday loan at a local loan store is the traditional method of borrowing. You visit the store, do all the paperwork on place and provide the lender with a post-dated cheque, so he can take the money back as soon as your payday arrives.

Online lenders

If the loan is taken online, the lender can take the money from your account as soon as your employer pays you. This is by far the most convenient and safe method of getting a payday loan online, no matter where you are.

How do I repay the loan?

The lender is going to charge you for every $100, within a range of $10-$30 according to the consumer financial protection bureau, depending on your location.

You need to pay back the full amount on the day you get paid by your employer, in case you fail to do so, the date of repaying shifts to your next payday with an increase in the extra charges. Initially, the small amount turns to great value on the addition of more annual percentage rate.

Find the nearest payday loan location in 3 steps

Here's a simple guide on how to find the nearby payday store location:

  1. Make sure that payday loans are allowed in your state
  2. Search online using any of the following keywords: "payday loans near me", "cash advance near me", "payday advance near me".
  3. Spend some time to visit several local stores to compare terms and fees and start the application process at the store of your choice.

Some online lenders may have additional requirements besides the ones listed above.

Should I get an online loan instead?

There are several advantages of lending online instead of visiting a cash lender near you:

  • If you are not mobile, for example you have no car or it is broken, then visiting local cash advance stores would be a problem. Also, an online payday loan can be helpful if the nearest store location is far away.
  • If you want to reach more lenders to be able to get a better loan offer.

How to apply for a loan online?

24CashToday has made the application process simple and fast.

You can apply in four easy steps:

  • Step 1. Complete our quick online application
  • Step 2. Receive offers from direct lenders
  • Step 3. Select an offer & sign the agreement
  • Step 4. Get the money!

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