Security Information

24CashToday security information

What 24CashToday does to keep you safe

At 24CashToday, the safety and privacy of your personal and financial information is our top priority. We use the latest techniques to ensure that website is safe, secure, and stable to guarantee a stress-free and pleasant lender-matching experience for the borrowers.

What we do to keep you safe:

  • We use 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption on our website
  • We use Cloudflare to block unauthorized access and possible external attacks
  • Vulnerability scanning helps us defend against viruses and security breaches
  • We use additional safety measures which cannot be disclosed publicly

Avoid loan scams

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the number of scams, where fraudsters try to use the crisis in their advance, has increased.

What we do to keep you safe:

  • Never respond to suspicious emails or calls that request personal information
  • Always be cautious when sharing any personal or financial information
  • Never send money up front via a wire transfer or money card
  • Never send money to anyone if you don't recall taking a loan from them
  • Keep a record of all outstanding debt, and include lender contact information

Avoid debt-collections scams

Unidentified organizations have been sending illegal, fraudulent debt-collections requests falsely claiming to represent lenders. These communications have been made in the form of calls and email and are not being sent by actual lenders.

Warning signs for debt-collection calls:

  • The call comes from a foreign telephone number
  • The caller has a foreign accent, is too rude or aggressive
  • The caller threatens violence or legal action
  • The caller cannot to provide any information regarding your debt

Warning signs for debt-collection emails:

  • The email comes from a personal email account, such as Gmail or AOL
  • The email domain does not include actual lender's domain, but might be similar
  • The email demands immediate payment and creates a sense of urgency to repay
  • The email threatens criminal or legal action against you
  • The email threatens to confiscate all your salary and/or wages

If you get a call or an email which meets any of these warning signs, you can file a complaint at

Basic security measures to keep your device safe

No matter whether you are using a PC or a smartphone, these are the general security recommendations to follow:

  • Always keep your operating system (OS) up to date
  • Make sure you use an antivirus or a firewall as an additional measure
  • Never click on any links or download attachments in emails from unknown senders
  • Avoid dealing with sensitive information when using free Wi-fi

For more security & online safety tips please see